Residency @ Hub Feenix

Hub Feenix

Focus on your work, enjoy stillness and inspiring atmosphere in a beautiful old sanitarium in the middle of nature!

Hyun-Jeong Jeon hiihtää  järvellä hämärässä

"I stayed in Hub Feenix for a month in February.
For a month I had a very special experience as a writer and just as a human being.
I was able to concentrate on my rest and develop my thoughts in the center of nature without any disturbance.
Nature that I couldn't feel in the city turned me into a natural human being again.
Walking on the frozen lake at night, I felt the silence of darkness.
And just looking at the snow through the window I could regain my own speed.
I could hear the sound of the wind, the sound of trees, and the melting of ice that I inadvertently passed by.
While staying in the simple Hub Feenix atmosphere of eating healthily, spending less, and walking a lot, I realized how I was surrounded by meaningless things.
I felt a sense of solidarity while enjoying the sauna with good people, talking to each other, and eating food.
And I realized that I forgot the most important value. Maybe it's a relationship between humans and humans.
A month at Hub Feenix was a precious time to discover a new me."

Hub Feenix ulkoa, kesä 2022 (neliö)


Here you can deeply concentrate on your work and experience the stillness and beauty of nature.

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A residency period can be both artistically productive and bring new vitality and recreation.

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A wide range of opportunities for learning new skills and meeting new wonderful people.

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The artists are actively helped to find new, inspiring contacts and possibilities for collaboration.


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