Residency @ Hub Feenix

Code of Conduct (House rules)

Hub Feenix is a non-profit community and co-operative, that promotes creativity, wellbeing and continuous learning. Hub’s own values are love of life, fairness, constant learning of new things and giving to life.

These common rules have been created, so that everyone who stays, works, lives and visits Hub Feenix can feel completely safe and well. These rules apply to everyone who works, lives and visits in Hub’s inside and outside premises. Both adults and children follow the same rules, and also the guests who are taking part in events and courses. If for example some other rules have been partly agreed for the course space during the course program, participants must anyhow follow this Code of Conduct outside the course space in public areas. The course leader is responsible to take care, that all the participants follow these rules of the house. The rules include also e.g emailing and social media. They are updated according to need.

At Hub Feenix, everyone is treated and addressed kindly, respectfully and equally, regardless of gender, color, age, nationality, profession, sexual orientation or social status.

Everyone respects other people’s personal space and physical and mental integrity. Any kind of physical interaction always requires the consent of both parties. Course leaders are responsible for ensuring that this rule is followed also within their course program. If you would experience harassment in any situation, even as a part of a course program you’re attending, please contact our staff. We have a special person for these situations.

Everyone in Hub Feenix’s inside and outside premises and yards commits to behave in such a way, that he/she doesn't cause disturbance or shock to other people in the area. In public spaces everyone is always wearing clothes, and using swimming suite in sauna, in the garden and on the swimming beach.

Vegetarian eating and low alcohol consumption are complied in all Hub Feenix's premises.

Everyone in Hub Feenix respects the property of others. Using of the machines, equipment and spaces of the Hub is always agreed separately, as well as the fee for using them.

Everyone in Hub Feenix is obliged to consider others and not cause disturbance to anyone, for example by making unnecessary noice. Loud working and other loud noises must be avoided in the night time between 22-8 o’clock.