Residency @ Hub Feenix


In Hub Feenix artists in residence live in their own shared community. There are usually 4-10 artists staying and working in Hub Feenix. The artists take care that the kitchen and the other shared spaces stay nice and clean, so that it´s cozy and pleasant for everybody to enjoy this very special time together. There is a washing machine and space for drying the laundry in the same floor.

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Kitchen + living room

The artists share a kitchen and living room space.

It can be nice to take meals together, depending on how many cooks are available.

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The accommodation is in private rooms with shared showers & toilets, a common kitchen and lounge.

The bed sheets and a towel are included. We provide new sheets and towels when needed.


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Vegetarian house

Whole of Hub Feenix is vegetarian area, so no other food is allowed in the house. Dairy products and eggs are allowed, but frying eggs is not, due to the smell.
If needed, we are happy to help you with ideas for delicious, nutritious vegetarian and vegan recipies!

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We are in the middle of woods, so there´s no supermarket in the walking distance. The closest supermarkets are in Karjaa: S-market, Lidl and K-market. It´s only 7 minutes drive with a car, and often you can easily get a ride. With bus it takes 10 minutes to Karjaa.

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There´s a wood fired sauna outside in the garden of Hub Feenix. It´s usually heated once a week, and everyone staying or working in Hub Feenix is welcome to join. We all wear swimsuits. There´s also a campfire place next to the sauna. Cooling down by rolling in the snow is popular in the wintertime. Sometimes during the summer we move the sauna to the lake!

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Only about 10 minutes walk from Hub Feenix, through the woods, fields or nice country roads, there´s a lake. The lake is always wonderful: in the summer you can sit on the dock or go for a swim. In the winter (when the ice is strong enough) you can walk around the island you can see in this picture, ski or sometimes skate too, depending on the ice.



When you want to do sports, there are paths in the forest where you can go hiking or jogging. You can borrow a bike and go for a ride in the beautiful country roads. There's also a field right next to the Hub building, where you can play a sport of your choice. There´ also a gym in Hub Feenix. It offers paralets, pull-up bar and trx weights.


Other handy things to know

We use Signal for messaging together in the Hub, so please download the app if you don’t have it yet, and we’ll add you to the Artist Residency group when you arrive. We have free Wi-Fi network.

Our aim together is to always keep the public spaces looking nice and inviting in Hub Feenix! There can be visitors coming to look at the place any time, so let’s not leave tools, cleaning equipment, our clothes or shoes etc. wondering around.

All the outside doors must always be kept locked. The main door can sometimes be open during events and courses, but only during daytime. And remember to give back your outdoor key when leaving!

Everything you see in Hub Feenix is always somebody’s property, that somebody has bought - also in the storage rooms and in the basement. So please always ask first if you need to take something.

We recycle all the waste we can -old food, plastic, cardboard, paper, metal, glass. In Finland you get money back from empty drinking bottles and cans, so it’s worth taking them back to the shop and not crush them.

Heating the big house in the winter time is very expensive, so let’s take good care of the heated spaces. We do our best, but it is often pretty cool indoors too. The best way to stay warm is to wear a lot warm clothes inside the house too - we will borrow you some if you need.

There is an automatic fire alarm system in the house, so we can not burn candles or incenses inside. It costs 1000€ if the fire brigade drives here for a false alarm.

Always feel free to ask, if you need help or information! There are no silly questions!