Residency @ Hub Feenix

Winter Wonderland

Clear and beautiful

dark and messy

And everything in between.

Winter usually starts in November. First snow can come and one feels the days getting shorter.
After New Year days are slowly getting longer, but the snow makes everything look nice. Usually more sun already.
February is often cold, minus twenty for weeks, but clear. Above picture was taken then.
March gets warmer, people start going out without jackets, even T-shirt. Even it is still minus, it feels soo warm.
In April the snow starts melting, green is coming and the race to summer begins.


No bad weather

In the nordics there is the saying that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.
We have a lot you can borrow, but you still need to put it on.
Even that sounds obvious, there is a reason i mention it.



The way warm clothing is achieved is in Layers. Ideally wool against the skin, definitely long woollen underwear. Woollen jumpers, fleece, thick down Jacket. Warm boots, and woollen socks. And a hat.

winter swim

Enjoy It

Really the only way to deal with the winter is to enjoy it.

Even in the crazy ways.

Get out there, go walking, skying, do sauna, go swimming.
Don't just wait for warm or sunny days.


Bright Light

Winter is dark, it goes down to 5 hours of daylight. Sometimes many days without sunlight. That is literally depressing.

You have to trick the body to avoid bad feelings. Stare at the light. We have bright lights in the kitchen area.

Also it is good not to be alone too much.