Residency @ Hub Feenix


Different kinds of artists are welcome to apply!

The building is an old sanatorium. It has also served as a hospital. That´s why most of the spaces are wheelchair accessible.
Here we have gathered some information about accessibility in the residency´s premises.
If you have any questions, please ask for more information at


Outside doors

In the wintertime we use this 95cm wide side door. There is no automatic system to open the door. There´s a little threshold of 5 cm.
During the warmest summertime, in the daytime, we use the main door, with no threshold.



When needed, there´s an elevator beside the main staircase, going to all the floors 1-5. The width of the door is 98cm. The door needs to be opened by hand. But to save energy and nature, everyone who´s able will use the stairs instead.


Inside doors

The doors to the toilets and showers are 91cm wide. There are plenty of accessible toilets, but not all of them have supports. The doors to the residency space and the studio corridor are 125cm and to the bedrooms and studios 111cm wide.

forest paths

Forest paths

There are plenty of forest paths and little roads around Hub Feenix that are wheelchair accessible, also the way to the lake.

residenssi keittiö


In this residency the artists prepare their own food in a shared kitchen. It´s a standard kitchen, but wheelchair accessible.

hubfeenix_MiaJärvisalo-3krs aulajpg


If you have questions about accessibility in Hub Feenix Residency, please ask for more information at