Residency @ Hub Feenix


The residency fee includes a bedroom and a private studio space. If you don´t need a private studio, you can choose to use the workshops instead. You can also use the facilities of the workshops in addition to your own studio, according to their schedules and fees.

Hub Feenix grafiikkatila

Printmaking studio

Halepress 80cm wide intaglio press. Tools and equipment - please ask us beforehand. We don´t really have an etching room, but in a small scale etching can also be possible.

Keramiikka koepalat

Ceramics studio

Tools and equipment, a Kerako 110 kiln and a potter´s wheel. Basically the artists buy their own clays - we will help you. There are some glazes and slips you can use.

in the compost box

Wood and metal workshop

Machines and equipment for many kinds of wood and metal work, also in big scale. In the metal workshop for example welding is possible. Outside the building there´s also a whipsaw.

Ompelukori tekstiilityöpaja

Textile workshop

In the textile space there´s many kinds of sewing equipment, several sewing machines and also a rug & carpet machine. There´s also a big table for cutting the materials.

hubfeenix_MiaJärvisalo-29 co-working

Co-working space

Cozy and inspiring shared office, where you can concentrate for example on your writing work, use a printer and also enjoy meeting people. There´s a separate coffee room for breaks.

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Take a break outside!

Because the building is an old sanatorium, there are lots of wonderful balconies and terraces where you can take a coffee or your lunch, enjoying the fresh pine forest air!