Residency @ Hub Feenix


Here you can find the prices for different options.
Do you just need a private bedroom?
Or would you like a private studio space as well?
Or maybe you would like to use the workshop facilities?

residenssi huone tammikuu 23

Bedroom only

If you don´t need a separate studio space, you can book just
a private bedroom (about 15m2)
450€ / a month

Melinda kesä 2023

Private studio

You can also book a private bedroom in the residency wing and a private workspace in the artist studio wing
650€ / a month

in the compost box

With workshops

Or you can choose a private bedroom in the residency wing with access to all the workshop facilities
650€ / a month

Enjoy your stay

No matter which option you choose,
you can always enjoy the nature around Hub Feenix
and the beautiful balconies, terraces and lobbies!
We are looking forward to your application!