Residency @ Hub Feenix

2023-07-01 2 months


I am a Ghanaian-American writer and digital artist, working on a novel and a digital collage project called 'COME HOME'

Working through works-in-progress

11 months ago, by Naakai
Working through works-in-progress

I arrived at Hub Feenix 10 days ago and so far have been settling in and picking up where I left off with two digital art projects. It is beautiful here - colorful, peaceful, full of friendly people.

The first project I've been focusing on is part of a series called 'Come Home,' a digital collage project about an othered person searching for belonging. I am also beginning to draft the concept for a follow-up to 'are ex - i,' a digital collage project I completed last year based on some photos, journals, dreams, and musings about life with multiple sclerosis. I did not realize there could be more to this project until I arrived here, but after a year of taking a very unconventional path to living with this disability, it turns out there are more reflections that want to come through.