Residency @ Hub Feenix

2024-05-01 about 1 month

Estelle Pollaert

Moi ! I am Estelle Pollaert, a multidisciplinary artist from Iceland !

Formerly trained as a product designer/glass blower in France and in Finland my forever passsion for illustration and papier maché  took over and i'm now everyday working on very fun projects !

My art is colorfull, curious, playfull and whimsical! I absolutely love drawing absurd situation and characters. I have a passion for food that is often my main working subject ! 

I am here at Hubfeenix to work on few projects. Mainly to prepare my first exhibition about giant sausages that will happen in August in Reykjavík, but also my mafioso graphic novel and a few other things.

I am very much looking forward for the calm and the home feeling of Finland my country of heart ! Kiitos !

You can find more about my work here :
or on Instagram at

3 months ago
Ready for the HubFeenix residency !